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About us

Who We Are

Demo Consult is a firm with experienced business and management consultants providing effective on-time professional support to business owners, Managers, organizations and institutions to help their businesses move forward in this complex, highly competitive and fast moving economic environment.

Demo Consult was incorporated by a group of professionals from the various business and management disciplines, having analyzed the ways how businesses are done today and the challenges they face with a purpose of going beyond individual potential. This was to create linked capabilities with knowledge and skills to provide unmatched tailored solutions befitting clients’ specific economic operational environment.


Our successful track record, built over a period of time, is centered on a core team of exclusive senior consultants. 

With extensive ‘hands on’ and senior management experience gained from working in different Companies/organizations, their deep technical knowledge and real-world expertise enables us to deliver sustainable results quickly and efficiently.

While understanding what it’s like to stand in your shoes and confront the challenges you face, all our consultants are specialists at uncovering the real facts and getting to the root causes of a situation. As agents of change, we understand the complexity of roles, relationships and connections that can impact on successful outcomes. Working in small teams, we’ll get close to your people, engage hearts and minds, and transfer the skills they’ll need to sustain lasting change long after we leave. We’ve found out that this approach results in satisfied clients, which is why 70% of our business comes from working with clients time and again.

Our Vision Our Mission Core Values

To be a leading business consultancy in East Africa

To work with our clients to achieve the best understanding of their businesses and provide tailored advisory support to guide them to success by keeping them knowledgeable in the ever fast moving and competitive business environment.
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Timeliness
  • Respect
  • Teamwork

Our Philosophy

Our ‘can-do’ attitude is embedded in each and every one of us; it runs in our very veins. We never shy away from a challenge. In fact, we tailor our approach to fit any business, and we’ve perfected our skills to adapt to anything that happens in the fast paced world of commerce and services. Three words sum up the core of our business; Experience, Excellence, and Expertise! These three E’s are what we apply to every one of our business practices, ensuring we bring you the most cutting edge service possible. After all, why would you want anything less?


With our help behind you, you’ll never be in the dark on your business ventures. We’re experts at proactively managing your tax issues and can give you in-depth analysis about how your upcoming opportunities are likely to affect your tax.


You’ll always know exactly where you stand. All of our team members are fully trained and their knowledge refreshed to understand all forms of tax legislation, both old and new.


Our expertly tuned business insight will ensure you always make the best decision for your company, offering you a unique perspective to allow you to cover all the angles.

Our Partners