Start of New Financial Year

Hello Client, the financial year 2015/16 ended on 30th June 2016 and the financial year 2016/17 started on 1st July 2016. You have up to 31st Dec 2016 to prepare your books of accounts and file your final income tax returns for the year 2015/16. For the year 2016/17, endeavor to plan for your tax requirements and know when to file and pay for your provisional tax to avoid estimated assessments.

For any of you with estimated tax assessments, feel free to contact us and we chart  a way forward and have all your obligations cleared. Remember, getting a trading licence will require you to have complied with your Income tax requirements. To avoid losing some of your time running up and down after the authorities have come to your shop or offices, do your part and pay your tax liabilities in time.

For TIN application;

Self employed/business persons are obliged to include their registration certificate number and date of registration for proper identification by the authorities. Failure to do so will lead to their application being rejected.

For those employed by an individual, company or an organisation, they are required to produce their employers’ TIN and the employment Identity cards.

We advise you to take note because this has affected many people who intend to get TIN at a short notice.

Thank you very much.

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